Florida Stun Gun Law

In Florida it is legal to own and carry a stun gun; however, before purchasing one it is important for residents to bear in mind that there are also restrictions in place.

In order for a resident of Florida to purchase a stun gun legally they must first apply for a license the same way they would if they were applying for a handgun license.

Those applying for a license must prove that they are legal residents of the state, at least 21 years of age and can prove their competency with the device. Once applications have been submitted they can take up to 90 days provided all documentation has been correctly received by the state.

Florida Concealed Carry Eligibility

  • U.S. citizen or legal resident alien
  • Clear criminal record
  • Able to demonstrate competency with a firearm
  • Current United States Resident
  • 21 years of age or older (those under 21 may take the class and apply for their license upon reaching age 21)

Determine if you are eligible for a concealed weapon license by answering a few simple questions.

Detailed explanations of these various disqualifying conditions are provided in the Application Instructions for the concealed weapon or firearm license.

Possible Reasons for Ineligibility

  • The physical inability to handle a firearm safely.
  • A felony conviction (unless civil and firearm rights have been restored by the convicting authority).
  • Having adjudication withheld or sentence suspended on a felony or misdemeanor crime of violence unless three years have elapsed since probation or other conditions set by the court have been fulfilled.
  • A conviction for a misdemeanor crime of violence in the last three years.
  • A conviction for violation of controlled substance laws or multiple arrests for such offenses.
  • A record of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Two or more DUI convictions within the previous three years.
  • Being committed to a mental institution or adjudged incompetent or mentally defective.
  • Failing to provide proof of proficiency with a firearm.
  • Having been issued a domestic violence injunction or an injunction against repeat violence that is currently in force.
  • Renouncement of U.S. citizenship.
  • A dishonorable discharge from the armed forces.
  • Being a fugitive from justice.

Florida Concealed Carry Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old. Exemptions are given if an applicant is a service member or veteran of the US armed forces who has been honorably discharged.
  • You must be a citizen of the US or legal resident alien.
  • You must provide a certificate confirming you have completed a firearms training class.
  • No felony convictions
  • Three years have elapsed if you have received a suspended sentence, adjudication of guilt withheld, or court conditions have been fulfilled on any felony, misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or misdemeanor crime of violence.
  • You have not been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.
  • You are not under a current court order relating to domestic violence or repeat violence.
  • You have not been adjudicated to be mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution
  •  You do not have a record of drug alcohol abuse
  • You are physically capable of handling a firearm safely
  • You are not a fugitive from justice
  • You have not been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces
  • You meet Federal Requirements