Get Trained The Right Way

Are you looking to get a job in the security industry?  Do you want to make a career of it?  To make it, you need the right training at the right time.

Always Watching Investigation Agency has everything you need to make it in the security business - training in firearms, patrolling, reports, and much more.

Do you need the services of a private investigator?  Well, we're experts!  No matter what your needs, we can provide the services for you in a confidential, quick, and affordable manner.

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42 hours D License

This is the 42-hour course required by the State.
**Available for evening and weekend classes!**
The course includes:
• Introduction to Security    
• Law of arrest
• Uniform & Equipment       
• Vehicle Patrol
• Traffic Patrol    
• Report Writing
• Foot Patrol   
• Patrolling (Part I and II)
• Terrorism Awareness  • CPR

28 hours G License

The G License requires a 28-hour class, split over four days. This is for the Armed Security Guard license. Upon completion of the course, the student must go to the gun range to learn the proper way to hold a weapon, loading, unloading, and cleaning. The student must also qualify with the weapon. We offer job referrals to students who have successfully completed the course.
Students are responsible for Range fee and ammunition.

**Annual renewal of 4 hours is required - $100.00

Concealed Weapons Training

The concealed weapons courses are held every day. We teach you all the rules concerning handguns - the proper way to hold the weapon, loading, unloading, weapons cleaning, shooting safety, and where you can and cannot carry a concealed weapon.
We teach from Chapter 790 of Florida State Code, and also take the student to the gun range to help them qualify with the weapon.
Students are responsible for Range fees and bullets.

Rifel and Shotgun Training

We teach students the rules concerning Shotguns and Riffles - the proper way to hold, load, unloading, clean, and shoot safety. We also show how to properly and safely transport the the weapons.
We take the student to the gun range to practice and become proficient the weapons.
Students are responsible for Range fees and bullets.

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